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Complete Guide : How Instagram Algorithm Works in 2019

Complete Guide : How Instagram Algorithm Works in 2018 Reading Time: 6 minutes

Have you ever thought of, how does Instagram algorithm actually works?

If you have ever heard before or read some blogs about how the Instagram algorithm works.

Then probably the chances are that they are using their Instagram accounts very frequently and based on that experience they wrote a blog about the Instagram algorithm or made a video on it.

But this time Instagram officially revealed that how their algorithm actually works.

So without wasting any more time, lets jump directly into the story.

So basically Instagram algorithm focuses on 3 things:

  1. Interest
  2. Timeliness
  3. Relationships or should I say Engagement

how Instagram algorithm works

Now let’s get to know what these 3 things actually mean :


Interest is something like; what type of post you are liking so based on your interest Instagram shows you the content.

Let’s suppose

You search about health niche on explore page or you search about some fitness related content on explore page and like the content

Instagram Explore Page
Instagram Explore Page

So according to the Instagram algorithm, your feed will be filled up with health-related content because Instagram thinks that this is the category which you like the most and you want the same content on your feed.

And when someone posts these type of content then probably the chances are it will show in your feed.

Because Instagram thinks that previously you like these type of content and probably you may also like this content now as well.


Timeliness, means how frequently you are posting.

In my suggestion, if you want your real growth on Instagram but not that auto bots like then you have to post at least 1 piece of content daily.

But now you would ask me that I am unable to post daily on Instagram so what I would suggest you to do is that you can post on alternate days.

And try to scale up your content strategy because the attention period is very less on Instagram.

People scroll their feeds continuously and if you’re not posting regularly then there are chances that your account won’t grab the attention of your followers and they forgot about your content and they also unfollow you.

So what I am trying to say is that if you are posting on alternate days then try to post on a regular basis or if you are posting on every single day then try to post twice or thrice in a day.

Also, make sure what type of audience you have and at what time your audience gets to engage with your content.

Let’s say if someone’s audience is mostly from the USA or any other country then try to post content according to them so you can get better engagements.

If you are wondering about at what time your audience is most active. Then don’t go anywhere and also don’t search on google about what time are best for putting the content on Instagram. Just go with the analytics and check how often your audience engages with your content and post according to it and you will get your answer.


A relationship is something how frequently you are engaging with someone’s content.

Let’s suppose there are 2 guys both are fan of Priyanka Chopra. Now the first guy always like the post of Priyanka Chopra and also commenting or I say he is engaging with her content and on the other end the second guy who follow Priyanka Chopra but never engage with her content.

So now,

Instagram will show the content of Priyanka Chopra to the first guy more frequently than the second person.

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Now, apart from above 3 points, there are 3 main factors as well which are also important for your Instagram growth.

  1. Frequency
  2. Following
  3. Usage

Now let’s talk about the first thing.

Instagram product lead Julian Gutman explains the algorithm, via TechCrunch


As I stated above that frequency is something that how frequently are you posting if you are posting once a week then who will follow you?  So always try to put the real value with your content on a regular basis.


Let’s say, you follow every other account on Instagram so basically Instagram got confused that to whom you like most and what type of content you want to show in your feed. So never follow everyone on Instagram.

Pro Tip

If you follow someone who gives real value and you want to never miss their content so I would suggest you that start engaging with their content and also turn on push notification of their posts, so when he or she uploads something you will get a notification and you never miss his or her valuable content.

Now let’s jump on to third point i.e.


Instagram also checks that how much time someone spends on their platform?

If you spend a lot of time on Instagram, you’re going to see more posts on Instagram because it all depends on how you engage with the App or someone’s content.

If you only spend a few minutes on the app each day, then you’re going to just get the highlights from the algorithm.

In addition, to give more clarity on how the Instagram algorithm works, Instagram also took some questions and rumors.

Let’s check this out.

If I switch to an Instagram business profile, will my posts get less reach in the new algorithm?

Nope. “Instagram doesn’t give extra feed presence to personal accounts or business accounts, so switching won’t help your reach.”

If I post a video, will it perform better in the Instagram algorithm?

Not anymore. While this may have been true in the past when videos were a new thing on Instagram, “feed ranking does not favour the photo or video format universally.”

That being said, because people’s feeds are based on what they interact with, if you don’t watch videos on Instagram, you might see less of them.

Does using new Instagram features help your posts perform better in the Instagram algorithm?

No, using Instagram Stories or Instagram Live won’t help your posts in the feed anymore. According to Recode, an Instagram product designer said that “we don’t favor accounts that use different parts of the app more than others. The only way to get your content higher ranked is to produce great content.”

Editor’s note: some of these answers are contradictory to what other Instagram employees have said in the past (and what we have reported on). That being said, we think it’s best to trust this latest news as it was all on the record with credible tech journalists.

Does posting a lot hurt your performance in the Instagram algorithm?

It won’t hurt your account, but if you post 3 times in a row, there will probably be other people’s content in between your posts.

That being said, “Instagram doesn’t downrank users for posting too frequently or for other specific behaviors,” so you can try finding your optimal post frequency without risking your account.

What about the Instagramshadowban? Can using Instagram hashtags make my posts not show up?

Time to listen up: “shadowbanning is not a real thing.”

A year ago, many Instagram accounts were affected by a mysterious “bug” in the Instagram app that was effectively shadowbanning posts if they used the same hashtags over and over, which Instagram classified as “spammy” behavior.

However, this is not the case anymore. Instagram says “it doesn’t hide people’s content for posting too many hashtags or taking other actions,” so now is a good time to update your Instagram hashtag strategy.

Here is the additional giveaway for my readers.

You can go through this video for better understanding. This video is created by one of my mentor. You can also follow him on Instagram because he posts good quality content regularly.

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Now the ball’s in your court.

Thats all for now. Thanks for bearing with me.

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