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Best blogs to Read by these Indian Bloggers in 2018

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Have you ever looked for best blogs to read?


Search for best Indian bloggers who can help you to grow?

Today I cover an important topic which will help to find best Indian bloggers who can help you by their popular blogs.

Today in this blog we are talking about best bloggers which I personally follow.

I learned many things from these bloggers so today I decided to help you all by sharing about these Indian bloggers and their journey

Because in childhood, My mother always told me that

“Sharing is Caring”


Then without wasting more time.

Let’s Start

Shout MeLoud is one of the very popular blogs among every Digital Marketer.

Harsh Agrawal is the man behind this famous blogs.

Shoutmeloud is a great source of knowledge about SEO, Make Money Online, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing and many more.  He started his blogging career 9 years ago.

So if you are new in Digital Marketing field then you should definitely follow this Indian blogger.

You can also join ShoutMeLoud forum where best bloggers always help you.

You can ask anything about Digital Marketing in this forum.

ShoutMeLoud At A Glance

Founder/Owner – Harsh Agrawal

Started In Year – 2008

Topics Covered – Blogging, Email Marketing, Life Hacks, Make Money Online, Mobile Marketing, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Video Marketing, Web Hosting & WordPress

Alexa RankWorld– 7659: India– 1025

DA (Domain Authority): 60/100

DigitalDeepak is another famous bloggers

Deepak Kanakaraju is a proud owner of this famous blog.

He is Bangalore based guy and runs his own Digital Marketing Agency named Pixel Track.  

He also has a great group on facebook called Learn Digital Marketing.

He covers blogging, Affiliate Marketing, and many other articles on his blogging site.

You can join the facebook group where many other bloggers update new trends in Digital Marketing regularly. At A Glance                       

Founder/Owner – Deepak Kanakaraju

Started In Year – 2008

Topics Covered – Blogging, Make Money Online, SEO, WordPress, Social Media Marketing, Business Tips, E-commerce, Web Hosting, WordPress and many more

Alexa RankWorld– 54,747: India– 4,517

DA (Domain Authority): 35/100

He is a guy who started his digital marketing career by doing the job in 6000 bucks.

After following many other bloggers he started his blog and now he gets tons of tons traffic on their blog.

He also published his own book “Inside a Hustlers Brain“.

Jitendra Vaswani is the man behind this famous blog. He started with the small job of SEO after that he never looked back. Slowly and steady he moved ahead and now he achieves everything with his hard work.

He writes about SEO and Affiliate Marketing. He also took many great interviews on their Youtube channel and also you read many interviews on his blog site. At A Glance                       

Founder/Owner – Jitendra Vaswani

Started In Year – 2012

Topics Covered – Blogging, Social Media, Start a blog, WordPress, Interviews Reviews & Many More

Alexa RankWorld– 78,890: India– 8,162

DA (Domain Authority): 41/100

Delhi based this guy achieve many things with his hard work.

Ankit Singla is the mind behind this famous blog. 

He writes about SEO, Blogging Tips, and Affiliate Marketing.

I am sure if you find something about SEO and affiliate marketing this blogging site is the best place for your query.

I highly recommend you to kindly check this site once whenever you stuck in SEO kind of thing. You definitely get your answer. At A Glance                       

Founder/Owner – Ankit Singla

Started In Year – 2009 (Predictable)

Topics Covered – Blogging Tips, SEO & Affiliate Marketing

Alexa RankWorld– 91130: India– 11069

DA (Domain Authority): 34/100

Chennai based this guy has his own Digital Marketing Agency.

You usually find about Digital trends and case studies related articles on his blog.

You can also read his first book free just clicking here. At A Glance                       

Founder/Owner – Sorav Jain

Started In Year – NA

Topics Covered – Digital Trends, About new trends in Digital Marketing and many other interesting articles.

Alexa RankWorld– 166,788: India– 13,589

DA (Domain Authority): 29/100

Hellbound blogger is the best blogs very popular among all the digital marketer. Hard work of Mr. Pradeep Kumar is the main key to the success of this famous blog.

He runs many other websites too and many other Facebook groups (Checkout HellBoundBlogger on FB).

Many Indian bloggers are also following him.

You can also check out this forum for your one-stop solution for your query.

You can ask any question which comes to your mind about digital marketing and many intelligent members of this forum always ready to help you.

He basically writes about blogging, Social Media, Makes money online, SEO, WordPress, Business tips and many more. At A Glance                       

Founder/Owner – Pradeep Kumar

Started In Year – 2009

Topics Covered – Blogging, Make Money Online, SEO, WordPress, Social Media Marketing, Business Tips, E-commerce, Web Hosting & WordPress

Alexa RankWorld– 85,152: India– 10,267

DA (Domain Authority): 42/100

Kulwant Nagi is the man behind success.

He comes from Haryana. His story tells us that if you decide something to achieve then no one can stop you.

By doing his starting job in an MLM company he left the job and chose his career in blogging.

His story is the inspiration for all who aren’t satisfied with their job and change their career and want to become your own boss.

He wrote about blogging, SEO tips, and affiliate marketing. His content is very nice. I always admire such kind of person and blog too. At A Glance                       

Founder/Owner – Kulwant Nagi

Started In Year – 2011

Topics Covered – Make Money, Affiliate Marketing, Blogging, WordPress, Interviews

Alexa RankWorld– 178,364: India– 18,550

DA (Domain Authority): 38/100


I have 2 bonus prize for you Guys!

Here I want to tell you about 2 more people.

  1. Gaurav Madaan
  2. Pratiksinh Chudasama

Gaurav Madaan is another Indian blogger who started his digital marketing career in 2012.

He was a senior trainer in DSIM and left the job a year back and started his affiliate marketing career with their besties named Saurabh Bhatnagar and Roshni Dhal.

The trio also launched various Digital Marketing tools their own.

I learned a lot from this trio and this process still continues.



Pratiksinh Chudasama is another Indian blogger, from him I learn a lot.

He is Product Manager at Digiperform and also 3 times proud dropout from engineering by choice.

He recently started his new blogging sites named

You can follow him for Digital Marketing updates and also for fitness.

He never taught me anything but according to his rule Learn, Apply and Share I will try many new things every day and trying to share it with you guys.

At last, I would like to tell you this is my list of top person who struggles hard to achieve their dreams. So, guys, success is not a one night journey it’s a complete cycle which you have to complete it.

Just work hard and achieve everything which you want.

Thanks for reading. 🙂



  1. Hi! Thanks a lot for providing this list of best bloggers and their sites ?. I like all these professional bloggers and proud on my country India ?. I hope more such successful bloggers will come in future too.

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