My First Blog - Why I Chose Blogging?

My First Blog – Why I Chose to Blog?

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Hello All!

First of all thank you very much for coming and read my blog.

I am always thankful to God to give me this beautiful life!

I am Nitish Nayak choose Digital Marketing as a profession and for that, I always been thankful to God.

I completed my Graduation (B.Sc. in Biology)  from Agra University.

After graduation, I did a job in my hometown but I am not satisfied with that job and I left it.

I started searching something better for professional life and went through an Ad of DSIM (Digital School of Internet Marketing). At that time I heard first time something about Digital Marketing.

I researched about Digital Marketing and found interesting and I enrolled for a course and completed it. It’s a 4 months course and after that my life changed completely. I met many great people and mentor and following their work.

After a course, I started my job as an SEO Executive but soon I got a better opportunity and I left the job and joined another one as Social Media Executive and working here since March 2017.

It’s a very good company named Digivaasi. Employees and boss are very cool and have a very supportive nature.

So that’s it about my life till date.

Hope you enjoyed!

Now I take my step ahead and talk about why I chose to blog.

Blogging gives you the freedom to show your ability in front of the world.

If you have a writing passion, Don’t matter how your English is and who you are. Just describe your words in a form of a story. If people get value from it they definitely loved it.

I started my blogging journey because I also want to connect with my professional community where people know more about myself and I also share my learning with those people who want my help.

I always love to help other people.

So, here are some points which help me to choose to blog

Great way to Learn New Things

 Before applying your knowledge somewhere, your learning is a complete waste.  For example, If a swimmer read all the books about swimming and never try swimming. Is he a good swimmer?


Same exactly, When you learn about any topic and never applies it. It will totally waste.

So, This is a first reason behind to start my blogging journey.

As you all know I am in the field of Digital Marketing and I learned many things from my mentor, from bloggers, from my seniors (In Office).

I simply give those value to whom, Who wants to make their career in Digital Marketing.

I know many other good bloggers are already here.

But I am writing because I love to do it.

If my content gives value to only one people. No matters It will totally worth it for me.

Great way to Communicate with Other People

I always love to communicate with other people and share the thoughts with them.  Blogging is a great medium to communicate with the people.

If people’s loved your work they always do comment and appreciate your work.

And this is the way to communicate with people who loved your work.

Create your Own Portfolio

Blogging gives you the freedom to show your skills. If you are continuously writing about something automatically you create your own portfolio.

Whenever you want to show your skills you have a platform which describes you better.

Growing Your Business

If you have a business and you don’t focus on the blog then you missed a serious thing. I would like to recommend you to share your business through blogging today. Blogging is a great way to communicate with your customers.

You can also have an opportunity to convert your visitors into your customers.

Make Money Online

Yes, you can earn money through blogging and earn extra bucks along with your daily 9 to 5 job.

Making money online is a very smart way in today’s world.

You can earn through Adsense and affiliate marketing. ( I write about it in a very descriptive way in another blog post)

But money is another thing,  Don’t focus on money when you start blogging.

Because it will take time.

First, focus on your content and money is the other thing which you got as a reward.

I think you got enough idea why I chose blogging and also I would recommend you all that you should start blogging by today itself.

Start blogging and achieve your success.

P.S.:  Here I will write about digital marketing (which I learned and want to share with you guys!) and also write about the things which you will like it and find them worth it for yourself.

It was my first blog, I know I did many mistakes and waiting for your feedback which will help me.

Thank you for reading my blog.



  1. Hi Nitish,
    Your words describes your hard work done with your blog. Do not stop shearig your thoughts with us, as it will always gives us knowledge as well as updates about current market scenarios. Very well done keep it up brother.

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